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29th November 2009

RoboForm: Are You Sure Your Passwords are Not Stolen?

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Let me ask you a simple question. How many sites are you a member of, and how many different usernames and passwords do you have?

Average internet user has hundreds if not thousands of different logins. Since trying to remember all those passwords is impossible, such user just write them down in an ordinary notepad or word file, and save them on her/his computer as-is, without any protection whatsoever.

May be you’re one of such users. If so, you need to secure this information asap. Otherwise, if your computer is hacked, all your passwords will be readily available to a perpetrator.

Believe me, computer hacking occurs much more often than you think. You probably think it happens to somebody else, but it will never happen to you, right?

Well, let’s see… You’re reading this post, so you’re obviously connected to the Internet. Can you honestly tell me that you know the exact permissions and protocols required by each program installed on your computer? Are you sure that you know the number of processes required by each program, correlated PIDs and port numbers used by this program both for incoming and outgoing connections, as well as ip range?

Do you also know how to identify stealth connections? And, to begin with, how to verify the authenticity of the application/program that you want to install?

If you don’t know answer to all these questions, then you can’t be sure whether your comp is safe or it’s already been hacked and is operated by another man.

I don’t want to scare you. I’m just telling you the facts.

So, if you now keep all your passwords on your comp, I highly recommend you to go right now and purchase RoboForm.

Without going too much into technical details, this password-protection tools stores and encrypts your usernames and passwords for numerous sites, and when you need to login, you just enter one master password. It also fills long registration and checkout forms for you with one click.

And since RoboForm runs a Black Friday Special, right now you can get a discount off first license.

Quite frankly, not long ago I was against the tools that store your passwords. Yet, now I recommend RoboForm. Why the change of heart?

The answer is simple: there are many password-management tools out there, but they either lack strong encryption, or they store the data locally on the computer.

If you think about it, if you have such tool on your computer, and your computer is hacked, then the hacker can transfer the encrypted database and then crack the encryption by simultaneously running the decryption algorithms on thousands of slave computers and servers he hacked earlier.

Is it possible to crack strong encryption on one machine? Probably it’s not feasible, since it could take years. But if he controls thousands of PCs and servers, then this task becomes doable.

So, to make remote cracking impossible, RoboForm now offers the option to run it from a USB flash drive, and this means that passwords are not stored on a computer, and hence can’t be accessed remotely.

Combine this with the fact that RoboForm uses strong encryption, and can sync your passwords to Pocket Pc and Palm, and you’ll see why I think it became a viable option for password management.

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